About AlShawaf International Co.

Al-Shawaf International Company is a wholesale and retail trade company that was established 1980 in Riyadh start providing merchandise and promotional items and opening one of Riyadh eldest Bookstores.

Since then, the company has been responding to the market developments in Riyadh by widening the range of activities to become the country’s leading company in publishing information whether through customized promotional items, Media Publishing (Online, Print, and recently TV), Book Publishing and Marketing Campaign.

Today the company has various subsidiaries operating in the Kingdom and international with offices in China, Turkey and the UAE.

In 2015 the Company has signed an Exclusive Agency Contract with Zoomlion Heavy Building Machinery who is one of the world’s top 5 Companies in the field of Building Machinery. Since then, Shawaf International Company has established SAHM (Shawaf Automotive and  Heavy Machinery) for Hammerhead Tower Cranes. SAHM is providing state-of-the-art after sell Service and Maintenance for Building Machinery.

Besides this, the company is offering a wide range of products of Building Material.

We belief in tradition and cultural heritage that is manifested in our day to day business. But our strategy is driven by modern ambitions that will support us to transform and drive our business always a step ahead toward sustainable innovation and lasting success.

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