Guangzhou Shawaf Trading Company

Guangzhou Shawaf Trading Company – GSTC


Guangzhou Shawaf Trading Company is a part of Al-Shawaf International group of companies that operates in Guangzhou city, china as an independent supplier for construction companies needs, gift items and stationary. Al-Shawaf International Company has a long history in these fields.


Providing businesses all over the world with their needed Chinese products, efficiently and effectively.

Construction companies:
We are specialized in all what construction companies needs and ready to supply them with construction materials, construction tools, safety items, decoration, worker’s accommodation and housing supplies. We are ready to supply companies, whole sellers, and customized projects.

Gift Items

Al-Shawaf gift items has a long experience in this field for over 30 years, so we always guaranty the best qualities with the best prices. We are always up to date for all the new ideas and innovations in the gift items world, and with our perfect location we are always aware of all new products.

Stationary and School Bags

Al-Shawaf company promise to meet all customers tastes and needs from office supplies to school stationary and school bags. Our existence in the Chinese and International fairs makes us always aware with all new and current designs trends, brands and items to serve our customers in the best way. In addition to that, we are always ready for special executed and customized items for different markets as the customer’s specifications.

Our Services

  • Fast and reliable sourcing for all kind of products
  • Assisting customers for sourcing and buying inside china
  • Inspection for products, and making sure that the customer receives the exact specification as ordered
  • Receiving, Loading and shipping customer’s goods
  • For GCC customers, we accept payments inside Saudi Arabia so they don’t have to transfer money overseas.

Person in charge: Salman Al-Shawaf
Phone Number: +8618520491114
Address: 3007, Guixianshangpin, No 1 huagui Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou
P.O Box: 510150