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Bringing together a widespread range of services combined with excellence, Al Shawaf International Company is an achievement in itself. Founded and envisioned by Dr Abdul Moeen Al Shawaf, this esteemed organization aims at serving the Saudi community to the best of its capabilities.

Spanning across the various nationals for almost three glorious decades, Al Shawaf International has its roots firmly planted in various sectors starting from school and office supplies and publishing, through advertising products, construction materials, marketing of heavy equipment machinery, manufacturing of iron, to processing of conferences and public events, and other fields.

Al Shawaf International Company was established in the year 1986 and today it stands proudly branched out all the way from KSA, to UAE, China and Turkey.

The basis of Al Shawaf International Company’s success firmly lies in aiming for customers satisfaction. The credit for achievement in fulfilling the clients need and satisfaction entirely goes to the fine team of qualified professionals.

The organization takes pride in further development of its management team and prioritizes its enhancement above all.

The drive to offer the best in the market comes from the desire to serve our clients better in every way. We at Al Shawaf International Company have brought together some of the most basic but vital services that the modern world requires. The staff and our team of trained professional strive to make your every step a ‘progressive’ one all the while keeping in mind your general requirements.


Al Shawaf International Company aims to offer the best in High-quality services and products. This mission is firmly encapsulated within the guidelines of ‘integrity’ and ‘honesty’ all the while excelling in world-class Customer services.


While the mission at Al Shawaf International Company focuses on quality services; the vision further expands to reaching the ‘bench-mark’ standards in services covering all industries. The organization is goal-oriented when it concerns the best of results and successful out-come of all the ventures of various businesses.


Production and Development at a continuous pace with customer satisfaction along all-levels of services. Providing professional and high-quality services at all sectors of various businesses.


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    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Phone: +966 11 292 11 44
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