Founder & Chairman

Dr. Abdul Moeen Al Shawaf is the founder of Al Shawaf International and Al Bawani, one of Saudi Arabia’s most successful companies.Eminent Saudi businessman Dr. Abdul Moeen Al Shawaf is not just an expert in construction but also an accomplished scholar, intellectual and publisher.

Dr. Al Shawaf completed his university education in Riyadh obtaining a bachelor’s and then a master’s degree from King Saud University. “I actually studied for my degree whilst working” says Dr. Al Shawaf, who was awarded his first PhD in 1994 from the University of Islamic Studies with a dissertation on the dispute following the death of the Prophet. “Working and studying is unusual, as most people will either do business or study. In my case I was able to do both” says Dr. Al Shawaf, whose second doctorate was awarded by the University of Damascus in 2008.

I remained a partner with Ballast Nedam until they finally left Saudi Arabia. I had to establish companies in Holland in order to be able to supply the cement and steel for the Bahrain Causeway” says Dr. Al Shawaf. “The companies were sub-contractors to Ballast Nedam but I also supplied material through Al Shawaf Establishment and I had my office in Amsterdam. I had to supply material to the Air Force and the Bahrain-Saudi Causeway, which required special steel and cement which could be used in a marine environment”.

Dr. Al Shawaf can look back on his accomplishments in both his business and personal life with a high degree of satisfaction. He has laid the foundations and built an organization which today includes one of the leading contracting companies in Saudi Arabia and he has spread his business interests beyond the GCC into Turkey and the UK.

“Today the most successful countries are those which are kingdoms like Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Holland and Japan” says Dr. Al Shawaf.“The leaders of revolutions make promises and then steal from their countries. Look at Africa, which although rich in minerals and assets, is still poor after so many revolutions. As a Kingdom, Saudi Arabia is better placed than other Arab countries with happier citizens”.