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Being a leader in supplying and sourcing Industrial material, Equipment and Finished products and Chemicals; Al Shawaf International Company has made its mark in the market. The main responsibility of the organization is to be able to supply good quality industrial products from manufacturers worldwide.

The prime motive at Al Shawaf International Metallic Company is to be able to reach to the expectations of the clients. Our work-motto also includes walking the extra-mile in being able to win the customer’s confidence. This helps build long-term relationships with our customers as the quality of services is the prime focus.

Major credit for the success of Al Shawaf International Metallic Company lies firmly with the strong team-work. The people at the organization are more than just employees. They comprise of the professional force that drives the organization head-strong towards its goals. This is usually achieved by being able to provide every individual with the right kind of working environment. Al Shawaf International Metallic Company takes great interest in ensuring a fine working space which is both innovative and creative. It is widely encouraged by the organization for its employees to put across their ideas and pointers. This continues encouragement is what has primarily lead to the success that Al Shawaf international Metallic Company boasts.

Al Shawaf International Metallic Company is one of the prime providers and suppliers of all the latest requirements in the manufacturing business. The company is ever-ready in being able to offer its services and supplies as per requirements and needs of the clients. The company also has itself updated in the latest technology and good quality materials, all of which to offer great results. Other than that, Al Shawaf International Metallic Company also takes steps in safety procedure to ensure overall satisfaction.

Our Main Services

Our Metallic Factory produces a wide range of products, but not limited to the following

Mineral Buildings

Construction of mineral buildings

Modern Technology

Manufacturing dome-making material, concrete blocks and building accessories


Temporary and iron buildings, Hangers and warehouses

Building Doors

Building Mineral and wooden gates, doors

Mineral Structures

Manufacturing all types and sizes of mineral structures


Both indoor and outdoor signage

Arched Domes

Both Pyramidal and arched domes

Concrete Blocks

Manufacturing of concrete blocks

Building Accessories

Production of various building accessories

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Our Clients

Some of our Clients

Our Employees

Connecting lives for a better future, we merge our today with our TOMORROW. Let’s combine our forces to shape our society into a Nobel one.


Production of an exceptional Saudi product which will fulfill the needs of the industrial market with ease.


Bringing about a competitive environment that will ensure the production and distribution of high-quality products.


Client satisfaction and happiness is our prime motive teamed with providing high-quality products at all levels.

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  • Al Shawaf International Company
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    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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