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Al Shawaf Bookstore is a pioneer in providing a vast range of stationary supplies according to your various needs. Ranging all the way from the basic ‘paper and pen’ to the more sophisticated ‘Office supplies’; Al Shawaf is your one-stop-shop of all stationary supplies.

The various stationary at Al Shawaf comprises of Art and Craft supplies like Markers, Adhesives and Crayons amongst various others. We also have Commercially Manufactured Writing materials for Office Supplies like Cut paper, Writing implements, Envelopes, Highlighters, Paper clips, Binder clips and Staplers to name a few.

We at Al Shawaf are ‘service-oriented’ in offering you your ‘happy-place’ where your creativity can be enhanced. One of our most trusted products are the Office-supplies. It is commonly understood that a well-equipped office space contributes to the over-all outcome of your productivity. Al Shawaf Bookstore is a treasure house of all the basic office utilities like ‘sticky notes’, Box-utter and the simple stapler to the more advanced necessities. We pride in having an updated stock such as Binder pockets, Binder tabs, Manila folders and hanging folders as well.

The best part about Al Shawaf Bookstore is that it has a stock of both unique and modern stationary items. This ensures you the best in creativity and an ability to make your ‘space’ into one-of-its-kind.

The establishment has made its mark in Saudi Arabia and overseas as well, thanks to its dedicated staff and a well-stocked supply of stationary in every category. Our team at Al Shawaf Bookstore has a widespread knowledge of the market and the customer’s demands. It is because of this foresight that Al Shawaf Bookstore not only caters to the needs at the various offices but other establishments like schools and companies as well and our products are being used with helping for bright futures.

Our Main Services

Understanding that everyone’s requirement is different,
we provide a diverse range of products to fit all requirements.

Office storage

To provide perfect office utilities like Book ends, Bulletin boards, Supply trays and containers

Writing implements

Offers writing implements like Mechanical pencils, Black all-purpose markers and Correction fluid

Filling cabinet

We offer perfect supplies of amenities like Manila Folders and Hanging Folders

Small offices supplies

You can also find basic stationary items like Stapler, Box cutter and Sticky Notes

Notebooks & Notepads

We have good stock of notebooks like Spiral-bound notebooks, Legal Pads and Steno Pads


There is a wide variety in Binders like Binder Pockets and Binder Tabs

We are always ahead!

professional solution for your business!


Our Clients

Some of our Clients

Our Motto

Connecting lives for a better future, we merge our today with our TOMORROW. Let’s combine our forces to shape our society.


To be able to deliver above expectations of the customers and to help make your business a successful one.


To be able to reach out to a wide-spread public and cater to every stationary need in the sector.


We commit to our motto of offering proper services and solutions in Saudi Arabia and across the globe.

Our Offices

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  • Prince Sultan Street
    P.O.Box 43307 Riyadh ,11561
  • Phone: +966 11 462 26 67, +966 11 462 26 30
  • Fax: +966 11 462 47 90


  • Al-Bawani Building
    Salah Ad Din Al Ayyubi Rd.
    Setten Street
  • Phone: 966 11 292 11 44, +966 11 462 26 30
  • Fax: 966 11 292 00 44