Reading is to the soul what happiness is to the Life

One of most prominent pioneers in book-publishing is Dar-Al-Shawaf. The main aspect of this publishing house is to give new talent the break that they need. Dar-Al-Shawaf is proud to claim that it has a vital role to play when it comes to being able to promote good authors and help publish nice literature. It also takes good care in being able to showcase both the author and the book in the right kind of light by the correct marketing machinery.

It is important to mention that Dar-Al-Shawaf takes keen interest in publishing books of the Business and Economics genre. This helps create the right kind of collection with the academic point of view. Dar-Al-Shawaf also has made it of prime importance to cater to the requirements of the market and takes great steps to build a good working relationship with suppliers, partners and customers as well.

The publishing criterion covers everything from school books, teaching materials, journals to annual reports and dictionaries. Other than the publishing aspect of our responsibilities, the team at Dar-Al-Shawaf takes great care to provide the best support to customers in all manners. The team is experienced and well-trained according to the needs of the clients. There are various aspects of publishing that require care too. Our main interests’ lies in books related to Trade and business, Vocational, Scholarly and Reference, Education, Academic and Professional amongst others.

As they say ‘what you read is what you become’; therefore it is of great responsibility on the shoulders of Dar-Al-Shawaf to be able to provide the reading-audience with the right kind of literature. As the Kingdom has a rich cultural heritage to consider, Dar-Al-Shawaf takes great pride in offering the perfect blend of latest in reading and learning while keeping the cultural aspect in check.

Our Main Services

Understanding that everyone’s requirement is different,
we provide a diverse range of products to fit all requirements.


To be able to offer best paper quality and multiple size-options

Annual reports

To draw-up annual reports that read progress of the business


To be able to offer good quality at reasonable price

Teaching Materials

Good style and binding for teaching materials

School Books

To be able to good publishing of the finished product


To be able to launch a good talent in the market

We are always ahead!

professional solution for your business!


Our Clients

Some of our Clients

Our Motto

Connecting lives for a better future, we merge our today with our TOMORROW. Let’s combine our forces to shape our society into a Nobel one.


The main motive of Dar-al-Shawaf is to be able to cover the vast verity in literature works.


Dar-al-Shawaf envisions to make literature and reading a prime aspect of the society by making reasonable quotes to all aspects of publishing.


To be able to sustain the rich cultural aspect of the existing society while bringing about the best in literature.

Our Offices

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  • Al-Bawani Building
    Salah Ad Din Al Ayyubi Rd.
    Setten Street
  • Phone: +966 11 292 11 44
  • Fax: +966 11 292 00 44


  • Prince Sultan Street
    P.O.Box 43307 Riyadh ,11561
  • Phone: +966 11 462 26 67, +966 11 462 26 30
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